Package org.mactor.brokers

Interface Summary
MessageBroker Defines the message broker interface Message broker implementations is not requiered to implement both publish and subscribe (UnsupportedOperationException should be thrown by methods not implemented by the message broker) Message broker implementations must have contructor that takes a MessageBrokerConfig as the single parameter The simplest way to implement a message broker is to extend the AbstractMessageBroker class, or the PollingMessageBrokerTemplate if the protocol is polling based (i.e. the case for FilesMessageBroker)
MessageSubscriber Defines a messsage subscriber

Class Summary
AbstractMessageBroker Abstract class that contains functinally common to most message broker implementations (such as maintaining subscribers).
Message The message implementation
MessageBrokerManager Singleton that loads and maintains all message brokers.
MessageContextInfo Context information about a message
PollingMessageBrokerTemplate A template for implementing message brokers for polling bases protocols (i.e.

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