Interface ActionCommand

All Known Implementing Classes:
AssertEqualsValidator, AssertNotEqualsValidator, AssertNotNullValidator, AssertNullValidator, AssertXmlValid, DelaySeconds, DelayUntil, NodeMessageCountValidator, XPathIgnoreNsRegExpValidator, XPathIgnoreNsValidator

public interface ActionCommand

The interface that must be must be implemented by action commands.

From a testspec: <action name="MyAction" command="java:class that implements the ActionCommand interface"/>

Lars Ivar Almli

Method Summary
 void perform(TestContext context, java.util.List<java.lang.String> params)
          The method invoked by the testrunner to perform the action node.

Method Detail


void perform(TestContext context,
             java.util.List<java.lang.String> params)
             throws MactorException
The method invoked by the testrunner to perform the action node.

context - contains information about the context of the test that might be useful (such as all messages sent/received so far in the test)
params - the list of parameteres specifed for the given node in the test-spec xml (after the ##{...} substitution has been performed)
MactorException - to indicate that the action failed for a functional or non-funtional reason (this will case the test to fail)

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