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Packages that use ValueCommand

Uses of ValueCommand in org.mactor.extensions

Classes in org.mactor.extensions that implement ValueCommand
 class CurrentTimeExtractor
          Extracts the current time on the format: 'yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ'
A single parameter can be provided to specify the number of minutes to add to or substract from the current time (5 adds five minuts -120 subtracts to hours )
 class RandomIntExtractor
          Extracts a random integer value

Uses of ValueCommand in org.mactor.extensions.xml

Classes in org.mactor.extensions.xml that implement ValueCommand
 class XPathIgnoreNsValueExtractor
          Extracts a selected field from the last received message
The field to select is specified as a single parameter containing the XPath expression that selects the single attribute or element
Namespace information in the evaluated messages is ignored, so the XPath expressions must not include namespace prefixes

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