Getting Started

Install and run

On windows you an use the one clik installer. Otherwise download and unzip MActor to a local directory. Assert that JAVA_HOME points to Java Runtime 1.5 or later. (Note that using the MActor version compiled for JRE 1.5 with JRE 1.6 results in terrible GUI performance)

Modify the classpath defined in setenv.bat or to include the libraries requiered for the products you want access from MActor


MActor should should in work any JMS implementation, but have only been tested with the following (just add the client libraries from the JMS implementation to the MActor class path)

  • WebLogic - add wljmsclient.jar and wlclient.jar (or weblogic.jar) to the MActor classpath. Note that wlclient.jar does not alwys work when accessing a remote JMS server. In that case use weblogic.jar
  • ActiveMQ - add activemq-all-xxxx.jar to the MActor classpath
  • Open JMS - add openjms-xxxx.jar to the MActor classpath


Add tibrvj.jar from you copy of TIBCO Rv to the MActor classpath

IBM MQ Series

Add from your version of MQ Series to the MActor classpath


MActor should should in work any JDBC driber, but have only been tested with the following:

  • Oracle - add ojdbc14_g.jar to the MActor classpath
  • HSQLDB - add hsqldb.jar to the MActor classpath
  • (Firebird - not testet)
  • (MySQL - not testet)
  • (PostgreSQL - not testet)


Works out-of the box


Works out-of the box

File Shares

Works out-of the box